nicolas-havenith-graphiste-web-designer-bruxellesNicolas Havenith

Manager, Graphic + Web designer
Nicolas has an exceptional grasp of design as applied to the corporate communications industry. He works within a structured plan and is result oriented. Nicolas offers his experience in creating visual identities, corporate branding, and graphic and web design.

Mark Venter

Illustrator + Project Manager
Specializing in creative, corporate and alternative illustration, Mark has more than one style on offer to compliment a variety of printed or web media. He also plays an important role as project manager, overseeing communication and fostering customer relations.

Florent Claude

Drupal Web Developper
Florent is web developer with over 10 years experience. HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery are the tools he uses alongside Drupal to create custom web platforms. Free and open web technologies inspire.

Grégory Ruelle

WordPress Web Developper
In charge of the development and integration of WordPress themes and implementation of natural referencing strategies, Gregory has mastered PHP, HTML and CSS to create perfectly built WordPress sites.